Thursday, September 17, 2009

the movie "9" and some other stuff

I went and saw the movie, "9" tonight. I went by myself because that is my viewing preference. It has been that way ever since the night I went to see "The Matrix" the first time and the people I went with said that it was, "the worst movie they had ever seen." Really? I could feel my head crack open while watching that film, forgot to breathe and went out the next day and bought a brand new pair of knee high leather boots. I was determined to acrobatically dodge bullets, rid the streets of crime and get into my first fight by 7:30pm. (I own like 4 leather trench coats, fyi) People have asked me in interviews what would I be doing if I wasn't doing music and I always say, without skipping a beat, VIGILANTE. I digress! What was I talking about? Oh yes....9.

Nice little movie. Interesting indeed. I am very opinionated when it comes to movies, and I must say that I don't really know WHAT to say exactly. It made me jump alot. I do think that it was geared more towards kids than adults, and I was hoping for more adult influence. I wanted it to be darker than it actually was. I still haven't really made up my mind if I liked it or not. Hmmm... let me focus on what I DID like about the film. I loved the inspiration in the film. It really presented you with a constant dilemma of risking your life for what you know is right, or sinking into the shadows in fear and denial. Everyone needs a good moral asskicking if you ask me. We are losing our freedoms day by day and people are too busy watching mind-numbing reality shows about tattle-tales to notice that when they first stepped into the pot it was cool but now there is steam rising from the surface. DUH! People need to wake up. Stand for something or fall for everything. Don't believe what the guy wearing the biggest hat tells you as infallible truth. ASK QUESTIONS. ASK WHY? If they can't give you an appropriate response, then there's your answer. Fate favors the bold. Live full throttle. Why are you here? What motivates you everyday? If your 'why' doesn't make you 'cry,' then you need to keep searching til you find it. period. Are you a pioneer or are you a pussy? As Earl Nightingale so eloquently stated it, "Most people tip-toe through life hoping they make it safely to death." What are YOU doing?

There is an interesting moment where a bossy-pants, self-appointed-type leader, has to let go of his cherished regal robe in order to save his own life, (insert religious metaphor here.), and another character who is discovered (after being declared dead and missing) to be very much alive and kicking ass, making the choice to be free and live alone versus live in fear and submission with the group. I especially loved how the newest born character is the bravest because he has the least amount of societal programming to breakthrough and the least amount of fear references. The most interesting part of the movie is the power in 3 ancient symbols or hieroglyphs and I wanted to jump straight down that rabbit hole, but then remembered it is kind of a kids flick. So, in summary, ...don't tiptoe. Let them know you're coming.

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  1. i love tim burton and plan on seeing it but i hate going to the theater. it's worth it to me to wait the 3 or 4 months to get it on dvd than to pay $12 to watch a movie that everyone will be talking through, forgetting to turn off their phone, or bringing their 3 yr old to the 10:30 showing of an adult movie (not an "adult movie" but you know what i meant haha).