Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This is Colleen's (Devil Doll) new blog page

This is Colleen Duffy, (Devil Doll). I am activating this page in the name of blogging my thoughts and experiences. Stay tuned...


  1. i love your music. have for years! welcome aboard blogspot!! follow my blogs...

  2. An ode to my old crow
    When you came to whirlwood with your white eyes you were beautiful
    Balanced on a ledge beside the crystal ball.
    I found your head beneath the ivy with some scattered feathers
    I put you back together like a crumpled linen newspaper
    Reluctantly replaced by a grand male carrion
    I place you in an open box
    Your head falls off the cotton covered wire
    A moth circles high above the relentless dust
    What will become of you
    Just then, Colleen Duffy sings “God won’t find me any crows”
    And so it goes with this crow’s resurrections

  3. I'm genuinely impressed with your writing capabilities. So, not only are you a more talented musician, but apparently your journalistic proficiencies are equivalent to or exceed those of myself. Way to kill my self esteem, Colleen.

    Love ya doll,
    Jason Sanderson "The Texas Nice Guy"