Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Once upon a time, we would all get together and gather around the TV every Sunday night and watch X-Files. It was an event. We lined up for our one hour paranormal meltdown every week and did not let anything stand in the way. Every once in a while I lay awake in bed with all the lights on dissecting an episode I saw 10 years ago. There are two episodes in particular that come to mind. I won't tell you which ones for the mere refusal of making them more alive than they already are. Blend metaphysics, science and paranormal storylines, presented on a thrill-lined platter of mothership fairytales and I will buy it even if it's not on sale. Well, those days have come and gone so now I resort to late night History Channel specials about the pyramids, Edgar Cayce or alien astronauts. YUM! I recently discovered a show which dabbles in the X-Files realm, yet is not as dark or extraterrestrial. It focuses on a government duo researching paranormal incidents while locating and containing historical relics with SUPERPOWERS. I'll still buy it. I just bought it again tonight actually. I am impressed with the quality and storylines of the show for the SYFY channel. It is a breath of fresh air basking in the creative vibes of the SYFY channel versus the bloodsucking tentacles of CNN, ABC, CBS and the like. Sure, I may find myself zoning out on Stargate episodes every now and again at 3:30 am, but I don't need portable nautilus equipment, noni juice or bra extenders. I will just settle for my weekly episode of Warehouse13 on the SYFY channel every Tuesday night at 9pm.


  1. I love warehouse 13.....Eureka is crazy fun! Recently learned there is actually a Eureka, Oregon not as many smart people as on the show!

  2. I agree, Eureka is awesome :)
    I discovered W13 not long ago myself.
    You should check Better of Ted http://www.tv.com/better-off-ted/show/75230/summary.html